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The South Coast Register features the Ember Defender in their article 'Inventor launches ember defence'. To read the South Coast Register's full article visit Inventor launches ember defence.

DAMP DOWN: Gordon McKeown of Callala Bay with his simple system to protect homes from ember attack during bushfires. Photo: ADAM WRIGHT

Why use the Ember Defender Roof Sprinkler?

CSIRO state that over 90 percent of all houses burnt in a bushfire are caused by ember attack and not radiant heat or flame.

The Ember Defender roof mounted sprinkler system is designed to reduce the impact of ember attack on your home in the event of a bushfire.

Fire Protection Association (FPA) Australia state that a bushfire sprinkler system, or an external water sprinkler system, can be a major factor in protecting homes built in bushfire-prone areas.

Easy to installNo plumber requiredSuitable for all roof types